Thursday, 28 October 2010

Very Victorian!

Over the last week, I've been listing lots of new cards in our Folksy & Etsy stores, including some of my own favourites - our Victorian-inspired cards. They're always very popular at markets and vintage fairs and it's good to finally get them online.

Large image
Victorian Corset card by Arbee Cards

Large image
Victorian Pocket Watch card by Arbee Cards

Currently we have four in the range: corsets, pocket watch, teapots and sewing designs. You can see the full range at  Victorian style is just so classic, I doubt that we will ever lose interest in it! After such a a great response to my last blog post, it seemed like the perfect chance to have another rummage around Folksy to bring you some more handcrafted treasures. Here's a selection of my favourite Victorian-inspired treasures - grab a coffee & enjoy...

Large image
Vintage Roses Key Hook by Claryce Design

Large image
Victorian Rose leather iPhone case by Beautiful Skin

Large image
Victorian Fantasy Mini Handbag by Uniquely Different

Large image
Victorian Style Crochet Mittens by Isamo Crochet

Lastly, no Victorian treasury would be complete without the iconic Victorian cameo, there are so many in every colour, but I loved this one as it is so unusual. 

Large image
All Prim & Proper Vintage Green cameo pendant by Emily Loves Vintage

If you're going Folksy shopping soon, don't forget to drop into our little corner of the site!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Bitchin' Stitchin'!

Since Arbee Cards launched in June this year and I've become involved with the online craft world of Folksy and Etsy, I've loved seeing what other crafters are making and selling - and it's lovely to be able to use our blog to share some of the beautiful things I've found out there! My first post of this kind is inspired by both the sudden drop of temperature this week (brrr....) and Arbee Cards launching our first ever range of Christmas cards online.

'Let It Snow' Pack of Christmas cards by Arbee Cards 

I absolutely love love love winter and can't wait to be pulling on my woolly jumpers, scarf, hat and gloves. There's nothing so lovely and cosy and warm as handmade woolly stuff and I've been lucky enough to always be surrounded by lots of fantastically talented knitters who were either making things for me to wear or there to help me out when my own 'knit one, purl one' went a bit pear-shaped! I can churn out a decent but simple scarf or a cute little baby knit (they're small so knit up quickly!) but the really good stuff - I just have to leave to the professionals and the seriously talented hobby knitters & crochet queens. 
Here's some gorgeous woolly wonderfulness from fellow Folksy sellers - hope you enjoy!

Large image
Space Invaders Scarf by WildCat Designs

Large image
Crochet Motif & Garden Scarf by Victoria Jackman Knitted Textiles

Large image
Coffee Cosy Loved Up Emoticon by Mouthy Mitts

Large image
Red & White Spotty Tea Cosy by Buzybee

If you're inspired to create something but aren't a natural knitter, there's plenty of fun to be had by upcycling some old woolly materials lying around. Check out this fab sock masterpiece!

Large image
Odd Socks 'Jimi Hendrix' by Artkore Originals
I'm off to finish my own knitting project - some fingerless gloves which will come in very handy at the winter & Christmas markets we'll be going to. Until next time, keep warm!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

This little piggy stayed at home...

No market for us this week after all! St George's Market is closed this Sunday (10th October) to hold another event so apologies for those of you following our Facebook & Twitter pages where we were happily announcing we were there this week! Sorry...

There's always our online stores, and we've been uploading more cards, including our fab 'Norn Iron' range - inspired by Northern Ireland's humorous slang. The Norn Iron cards are always very popular on the market stall, but are now online too - check them out in Folksy (UK store) and Etsy (International store). The 'Wee Dote' card is one of our favourites - and has been ordered as a customised new baby card too!

Norn Iron range of cards, online on Folksy and Etsy

We WILL be back on the 17th October at St George's - see you there!