Friday, 20 May 2011

Here comes the sun

It's been a while (too long!) since there's been some Folksy picks on the blog, and this selection has been chosen by Mel, one of the Arbee Cards elves who helps out on the stall at markets and vintage & bridal fairs.

Every Spring, Mel always plants sunflower seeds, but this year unfortunately she didn't get round to it. As she loves sunflowers so much, they've inspired her first blog post of Folksy choices - maybe she'll take her pick from these gorgeous items and have something sunflowery around after all

Thanks Mel!

Sunflowers Cushion by Daisy Beth
Sunflower 107 Linoprint by Zebedee

The Big Betty Bag by The Urban Muse

Sunflower Clasp Purse by funky diva designs

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sowing the seeds

Since I started making and selling plantable greeting cards this year, everyone keeps asking me all about them - I suppose they're so different it brings out everyone's curiosity!

The main question is always how to plant and grow the cards. I tried planting some offcuts of the paper a few months ago, but I only had a tiny pot that once had a small plant in it. The plant was unfortunately long gone - but I'd kept the pot & soil. I tried planting the paper and did get some seedlings after a few weeks, but the pot was too tiny to grow anything properly so nothing else happened.

This time - I decided it was time to get planting for real. So, this week on the lovely sunny Bank Holiday May Day, I armed myself with a gardening fork, a plantable Easter card and an empty windowbox. I planted the card about half an inch down, with one piece of the card at end each. I thought it best not to layer the paper to make it easier for all the seeds to grow upwards. 

The card is made from cotton (tree-free so very eco-friendly!) and can be planted directly into the ground, flower beds, patio pots or anything deeper than the tiny houseplant pot I tried intitally!

All planted, all watered and back on the wall to catch some sun and start germinating! I will keep you posted with pics and progress on the wildflowers. Can't wait!!

Rachel @ Arbee Cards

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