Thursday, 18 August 2011

Show & Tell

Today's blog post is a little show & tell with a request we had a few months ago for personalised cards.

A lovely customer contacted us to see if we could take one of our thank you designs...

...and turn it into something personalised. We changed the wording, the colours and made it a cuter, smaller size to make a set of sweet little thank you cards for baby gifts.

I have such a soft spot for working on baby cards and the customer's fab choice of a fresh apple green colour & ribbon really makes the design stand out from the usual blue for boys!

Rachel @ Arbee Cards x

Friday, 12 August 2011


When the rocket scientists & geniuses got together to invent the internet, I reckon it was pretty far from their minds that such technology would lead to a huge handmade, crafty, vintage-loving online world! It doesn't seem likely that gadgetry & geekery and knit-one-purl-one would go hand-in-hand, but weirdly, they just do. I even made sure the Arbee Cards' website would look more like it was made of paper than pixels.

If you're like me and love nothing better than 'finishing off' your new ipod or mobile phone with a hand-stitched or woolly cover, then you'll just love today's Folksy Friday. 

'Tumbling Rose' 13" Macbook case by Tillymoss
Mobile Phone/Ipod sock by QUERKS
'London' Blackberry pouch by Phoebe Bee Bee
Nintendo DS / Camera Case by Minifelts
'Bambi Deer' Ipad Sleeve/Gadget Case by Leonieke
Kindle Case by Blankety Beds
iHoot mobile phone cover by Handmade Hoopla

And lastly, I really couldn't leave out the perfect (gadget-free!) case for the make-do-&-menders amongst us...

Needle Case by Redneedle

Rachel @ Arbee Cards x

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Getting a little personal...

Hello blog - missed you! Been a while since my last post as wedding season has been in full swing and keeping myself and the elves busy.

Besides our wedding stationery, we're getting more and more requests for personalised stationery - which I LOVE!
Before Arbee Cards was born, I was making personalised stationery for birthdays & Christmas pressies, so the whole 'personalised' thing is really what we're all about!

Many people think that to get something personalised and created specially for them costs an arm and a leg. But we don't charge any extra to print one of our designs with a name on it or play around with the wording or colours. And if it's a simple request, we can even create a new design without charging any extra. Other more detailed custom designs cost just a little more but much less than you'd expect.

I've just finished making some notecards for a regular customer at St George's Market. Her sister wanted her own notecards with butterflies, hearts & flowers in bright pinks & lilacs. Done!

So don't be shy to get a little personal with your post and spread a little sunshine in the good old snail mail!

Rachel @ Arbee Cards x