Thursday, 22 September 2011

Cool Kitsch

It's true...

So here's some fab kitsch finds from Folksy 
and something of our own...

1. Kitsch White Deer hairclips by Heroine Industries
4. 7" Vinyl Records bookends by When The Music's Over
5. English Breakfast ring by
7. Bambi skirt by 4getmenot
8. Day of the Dead ipod cover by The Doll City Rocker Accessories

Rachel @ Arbee Cards x

Friday, 16 September 2011

Remember You're a Womble

I've always been a 'waste not want not' person, trying to keep things as green as possible ever since I heard about CFCs vs. the Ozone layer in the 80s. As a child I absolutely loved The Wombles, the cute little furry things that lived in Wimbledon Common who collected people's litter and leftovers to take back to their burrow to make new things from. They really were the original upcyclers - "making good use of the things that we find, things that the everyday folks leave behind" 

With the (wonderful) rise of recycling, upcycling and 'make do and mend',  I came up with the perfect idea of what to do with all my leftover, unwanted and outgrown craft items. I always recycle as much as possible but now I've decided to make like a womble and turn them into something new for someone else to find. With some great feedback and suggestions from friends & customers on Facebook, it seemed like a very good idea to make a bargain craft bin of leftover treasure, not trash!
Making a lot of wedding stationery always leaves lots of small off-cuts of gorgeous expensive papers and ribbons - so I've made packs of scalloped circles, vintage tags, shapes for cardmaking & crafts and packs of ribbons. Every crafter has plenty of things they buy but never get round to using; rubber stamps, materials for samples, impulse buys etc. It's all bagged up now for sale on the market stall - every crafter loves a good browse in a bargain basket ;)

Rachel @ Arbee Cards x

The Arbee Cards stall is at St George's Market, Belfast, every weekend. The bargain basket will be there until it's empty...

Friday, 2 September 2011

Off to school

A lot of my card designs come from ideas I have for sending cards to my family & friends. One of my newest designs was a card I made recently to send to a special little 4 year old who's starting school next week.

I made some extra for my market stall and Folksy store and they've been a big hit! So cute seeing little ones getting all excited about 'big school' and leaving nursery behind. Awwww...

Rachel @ Arbee Cards x